There Ain't No Free Stuff

But you already knew that. There's some freebies that you get in exchange for your patronage, or discounts, or free trials, but it's always something to gain your confidence and patronage. That's what this page is about.

Throughout my web pages you see various offers and banners. I give that space away and get something in return.

Cafepress will give you some free space where people can order products with your logos, or designs. Of course they want you to sign up and pay a fee to offer even more designs. I did. You'll find a Cafepress link here.

Support This Site

Stamps dot Com isn't featured on any of my pages, but I use them and recommend them. Give them a try and you get a free five pound postal scale and around $20. in free postage. Mention me ( as the one who referred you and I get some free postage too.

Auction Sniper is a tool that you need if you are buying on ebay. It automatically bids for you in the last five seconds of the auction. Give them a try and get a free trial, and I benefit too. - eBay sniping software to help you win more items.
eBay sniping software to help you win more items.

Ebay has been around and buys enough advertising to bee seen anywhere. My ebay link will take you directly to my ebay store, and I try to keep around 1000 items there.

My items on eBay

Google has more kinds of links than you can shake a stick at and has one of the best banner programs. They have all kinds, shapes and sizes of banners. If you have a web page, this is the way to go. If you don't have a google ad on your page, you can learn how by clicking the link below. You'll find Google ads on all my pages, and it's not out of kindness. They work.