I Collect Compton

E.A. West Compton Police Chief 1928

Compton wasn't always street gangs and ganster rap. It was the ultimate Los Angeles area middle class suburban community and it was called the Hub City because it is 11 miles from Los Angeles and 11 miles from the Long Beach harbor.


Compton P.D 1928

Chief Everet A. West, Captain William C. Smith, Detective Sergeant Judd L. DeWitt, Desk Sergeants Wm. don Castello, W.W. fuller, G. Wayne Wright, Motor Officers Ray Hecock, C.J. Andrews, L.R. Hollingsworth, C.W. Kissam, J.C. Looney, R.L. Parker, Seth K. Martin, Patrolmen C.H. Wittecar, W.R. Ralls, A. Duclos, A.D. Wiggins, C.J. Griggers, N.E. Trimble, Police Matron Mrs. M. DeHaven, Police Judge Nelson Ward

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