The O.W. Stone Ranch


Butterfield Express Stagecoach Depot

(Photos courtesy Dr. & Mrs. R.F. Sun of Moreno Valley)




This is one of the last photos taken of the O.W. Stone ranch house while it was still in use. The last remnants of the old adobe were removed for the construction of the new caretaker residence and equestrian facility.


The Barn


This is one of the last photos of the barn on the Stone Ranch. Until the recent construction, all that was left of it was a concrete foundation and some watering devices for the animals. The foundation tented several years ago and used as a "town hall" for the Wyatt Earp Days celebration.


The Butterfield Express Stage Coach Depot

The last use for this adobe building was for feed storage. All that is left now is the foundation and some of the adobe walls. The building was originally a secondary depot for the Butterfield Stage line that delivered mail in the area in the 1800s. The stage line came North from Temecula and split at about Box Springs Road and Day Street with one route going to Riverside and the other to Redlands. This is on the route to Redlands. The route continued North from this point thence through Reche Canyon.